The Great South Wall

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Well worth the walk out to Poolbeg lighthouse along The Great South Wall, best to go when the sun is setting on a clear day. You can capture some of the large cruise ships coming into Dublin Bay.

Blessington Lakes from Kippure summit

Blessington Lakes from Kippure summit

I hiked up to the radio transmitter mast on Kippure summit yesterday, there were some great views of Blessington lakes and Dublin city. Some interesting history about the lakes, Between 1938 and 1940, 76 houses were demolished, and the bridges at Humphreystown, Baltyboys and Burgage blown up, in anticipation of the flooding of the valley for the Poulaphouca hydroelectric powerstation.

Belgian frigate Louise-Marie (F931)

Belgian frigate Louise-Marie (F931)French, Dutch and Belgian Naval Vessels visited Dublin Port over the weekend, got to view the Belgian frigate Louise-Marie up close on Sunday night. It is 122m long and has a crew complement of 167.

The Grand Canal at Mespil Road

The Grand Canal at Mespil Road
The Grand Canal

Was taking some promotional pictures for the Fyffes food stand at the Irish Village Market on Mespil Road, great place for a stroll on a sunny day.