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Traveled to Manchester City with my cousin for the day. Some very interesting architecture to be seen throughout the city center.

Victor’s Way

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I visited Victor’s Way in County Wicklow. An unusual Indian sculpture park notable for its massive black granite sculptures.

Dublin Zoo

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A days visit to Dublin Zoo. Got to see the new Zoorassic World that has opened.

Bray Air Display

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I went to the Bray Air Display on the Sunday. Fantastic weather and an excellent show.

Edinburgh Zoo – Gentoo penguins

PenguinThe Gentoo penguins are a must see at Edinburgh Zoo, there are over 70 penguins kept at the Zoo. Although fairly plain compared to our other species they more than make up for this by their exuberant personalities.  They are active, curious individuals always investigating their surroundings which can sometimes get them into trouble!


The Twelve Bens

26195982790_5417ca9e84_oThe Twelve Bens, or Twelve Pins, is a mountain range of sharp-peaked quartzite ranges located northeast of Roundstone in Connemara in the west of Ireland. Dedicated fell runners attempt to hike all twelve peaks in a single day

The Convention Centre Dublin


After the sun went down, i took a stroll through Dublin’s fair city to check out the iconic buildings, venues and spaces across Dublin city illuminated green for the St. Patrick’s Festival.

The Pepperpot Tower

In Tower Valley you will find the Pepperpot Tower which was modelled on a pepperpot from Lord Powerscourt’s dining table! It is from this that Tower Valley received its distinctive name. Climb the tower’s winding steps and enjoy the views of Powerscourt House and Gardens. Why not stop for a photo beside the many cannons surrounding the tower! Lord Powerscourt was an avid fan of the scouting movement and encouraged troops to camp on the grounds at Powerscourt. When you reach the top of the tower, you are standing where Lord Powerscourt 8th Viscount once stood and surveyed the scout camps long ago, although now the trees have grown too high to do so! Scout troops still occasionally camp on these grounds today.

Big Ben

Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London,and often extended to refer to the clock and the clock tower.

The Triumph TR6

The Triumph TR6 (1968–76) is a British six-cylinder sports car and the best-seller of the TR range built by Triumph when production ended in July 1976. This record was then surpassed by the TR7. Of the 94,619 TR6s produced, 86,249 were exported; only 8,370 were sold in the UK.